Current Consultations and initiatives

What’s going on at BH Active Travel and ongoing consultations from BCP Council


More Cycling and Walking Infrastructure for BCP!

It’s a busy time within the Transport Department at BCP Council which can only mean good things for us here


Introducing ..

Introducing- Lucie Allen BHAT Chair-2021-2022 I wish you the very best in BHAT and helping influence the changes that are


BH Active Travel AGM 2021

We’ll be discussing about recent events and consultations and ongoing works, as well as our elections and the creation of


Transforming Travel Cycleways Part 1

Transforming Travel  Youll have seen the front page local press and public Website by now, and we have been writing


Time Flies, in other countries.

Well its nearly a year since the unpleasantness began, and youll likely be starting to recall the last time you


Leigh Road/ Kerb

Heres a post from the ground where it all actually happens, special Kerb Nerds edition today not for the feint


Neighbourhood Planning / Broadstone

There seems to be a lot of road and other consultations underway at present, I wanted to just contextualise them


More Maps!

Here is an interesting project and you know how much we love maps in transport. If it needs doing it


Reminder- Its just begun.

Hello and Happy New Year, Im sure you have all read the minutes of meeting from the last post. Todays


It was there all the time

The debate about LTNS goes on, and thats Low Traffic Neighbourhood, as opposed to HTN High Traffic Neighbourhood that has


Healthy Streets/ Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

Thanks to Better Streets for Enfield for todays info, although this is a London boro the theme is the same,


A Pinch and a Punch

Good morning,  September is here, schools are back, seafront cycling is permitted in the day and many of the summer


Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

  Today we continue with looking at the topic of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods. You may be aware the amount of



“I walk like a viper, through these suburban streets. ” ‘Deacon Blues’, Steely Dan You have heard about Poole Old


Widen My Path Consultation for BH Area

The platform below is live and taking contributions now, Please add your  suggestions, there are 3 suggestions- Cycleway, Footway, Road


Boundary Roundabout

Heres the public version of Boundary Roundabout,  just announced on 04 June BHAT had been to 2 previous meeting on


University Of West England Road Crossing Survey

To do this, we are organising online focus groups (i.e. online discussion groups) in the last week of May. Each