About us

The Bournemouth Active Travel Forum was formed by a group of residents in the 1990’s – a group of people trying to influence change for a cleaner, safer place to live.

Today, BHAT it is still entirely made up of unpaid professionals, many of whom have extensive experience in planning and infrastructure. Our mission is to supply opinion, ideas and evidence of user experience to the Council staff tasked with promoting cycling and walking. It is not funded by or affiliated by the council in any way.

BHAT meets quarterly at Bournemouth Town Hall to discuss and promote Active Travel and cycling in Bournemouth and the local area, attended by local Councillor’s and Council Officers with highway responsibilities, representatives from local cycle groups, the Police and members of the public interested in Active Travel – the group is open to all.

Please join us at BCP Town Hall, Bourne Ave, Bournemouth, BH2 6DY

We post the Agenda for upcoming meetings in the news section. Please email us if you would like to raise an item for he next meeting.

BH Active Travel Consitution

  • Who we are

    The group shall be known as BH Active Travel.

  • Our mission

    To encourage the activity of responsible cycling and walking in the BCP area for health, leisure and transport purposes and to campaign for improved cycling infrastructure and facilities in line with National Transport Strategy.

  • What we do

    To act as both sounding board and advisors to BCP Council, providing links to a pool of local active travel users.

  • Membership

    Membership is voluntary shall be open to any person who supports the aims of the group.

  • Roles

    The offices of the group shall be Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, and any other office considered necessary to further the aims of the group.

  • Funds

    The Treasurer shall maintain a bank account to receive and distribute the group’s funds in accordance with its aims.

  • Meetings

    A general meeting shall be held each year to elect the officers and receive the accounts, which shall run from March 1st to February 28th each year. The quorum at an AGM shall be three.

Lucie Allen

Lucie has lived in Poole for over 20 years and enjoys cycling for leisure, fitness and more recently trying to ditch the car for those local trips and errands.  She is committed to engaging with the local council and other stakeholders to improve walking and cycling facilities and infrastructure within BCP.  Chair of BH Active Travel Forum (March 2021)

Angela Pooley

Angela Pooley helped create the Forum and has been Secretary for several years.  She is passionate about encouraging cycling and reducing car use both from an environmental and health perspective.

Marc Lohez

Relative newcomer Marc has led the BHAT media, marketing and social in 2020. Creative Lead at Tandem Agency Bournemouth. Avid cyclist. Team rider for ICE Trikes UK. Velomobile enthusiast. Involved in Scouting.