Minutes of meeting – 28th Sept 2021

Cover image: Bournemouth Echo

Minutes of Meeting Held Tuesday 28th September 2021

  • Held live on Zoom
  • Commencing at 18.00hrs


Lucie Allen – Chair

Beth Barker-Stock- Cycling officer

Marc Griffin – TCF Programme Manager

Sophie Leon-BCP 

Cllr Andy Hadley 

Ray O-luby

John Grantham

Tom Quay- Passenger Transport

Paul Bradley

Sue Smith

Luke Wakeling

Jason Falconer

Gary Livermore

Lawrence Harrell

Marc Woodall

Dave Fevier

Jenny Ansell

Dr John Holloway

Cllr Mike Greene

John Simpson

Marc Sanderson

John Gin

Catherine Boulton

David Breakwell

Angela Pooley – Secretary

Introductions & Apologies

Cllr L.J Evans; Marc Lohez; Cllr Lisa Lewis; Cllr Cheryl Johnson; Michael Headon

Minutes of Previous Meeting

These were accepted as a true and accurate record.

Matters Arising Not Covered on the Agenda

  • No Matters arising

Chair’s Report

TCF (Transforming Cities Fund) Schemes 

BHAT have attended two TCF Teams on-line meetings with the Transforming Travel team since our last forum meeting in June.  Marc Griffin, who is the Programme Manager for the TCF programme here in Dorset updated the Forum during the BHAT quarterly Zoom, a copy of his presentation is attached.

The first meeting on 11th May 2021 was for the TCF team to respond to our formal response to the consultations.  Our response focused on areas such as shared use paths, junctions and links, buffers, lighting, and coloured surfaces.  We also discussed the latest comments on the work starting at Twin Sails bridge and Hamworthy.  Concern was raised over the light segregation; essentially the cycle lane still being in the gutter with drains and subject to gravel and stones distributed (especially in the corners) by HGVs.  The TCF team responded to each query with a view to ‘take on board’ concerns.  Nothing was agreed. 

The second TCF Teams on-line meeting on 14th September 2021 was as part of the ‘Programme Steering Group’ (PGS) which is group of stakeholders including the bus and rail companies, the university and hospitals, various BID (commercial organisations) and BHAT.  The group is privy to more of the detail and the negotiations involved in trying to get the TCF schemes on the ground.  It’s during these meetings that one appreciates the mammoth task the TCF team has on delivering the schemes on the ground – land acquisitions and land use issues, councillor and resident resistance, traffic management, constant reports to be filed and monitoring by the DfT etc.  

Part of the mission of the PSG is to help work on a positive image of the TCF schemes.  They are looking for a diverse range of people to get across a positive message.  

TCF team asked for BHAT volunteers for video blogs/written blogs/photo opportunities etc.  The following BHAT Forum members volunteered as follows:

Lucie Allen – Upper Gardens video blog (now completed)

Jason Falconer – Hamorthy/Twin Sails 

Simon Western – Glenfurness

John Holloway – Glenfurness

John Grantham – cargo bike blog (general)

Marc Woodall – cargo bike blog (with child?) 

Could these members please email Claire Clark (TCF Management Team) 

Claire.clark@bcpcouncil.gov.uk with their contact details, thank you.

Councillor Invitation to Cycle Around Poole Towne Centre

I invited the Portfolio Holder for Transport, Council Leader and Deputy to cycle with me to Poole to look at how the Dolphin Centre, the railway, bus station and George Roundabout sever Poole in two, creating a pretty non-penetrable barrier to the new TCF schemes in Wimborne Road and Longfleet Road. We were joined by Senior Officer Beth Barker Stock. Taking them all on a little jaunt to see how people get about (lack of dropped kerbs, poor signage, no signage, on and off and on your bike throughout the various lengths of Poole High Street) was worth a million emails. All the councillors agreed that improvements could be made as part of the regeneration of Poole scheme.   I was also concerned about CGI images of large blocks of flats with shared paths in front – particularly on the power station site. I’ve since followed up and have had assurance from the Portfolio Holder for Regeneration (Cllr Broadhead) that all the regen schemes for Poole will absolutely have active travel at the heart of them.  We will continue to keep an eye out.

Supporting BCP Council Transforming Travel Posts on Social Media and Press

BHAT have been supporting BCP in sending in formal responses to all consultations, in particular, with regards to supporting proposed LTN schemes,  sharing Transforming Travel blogs and press releases, and providing positive comments.  Posts are shared on our FB group page and in the wider community.  The team have expressed their thanks to BHAT members for the positive comments and posts on social media.

I have been asked to make some statements for the press, resulting in two articles in the Bournemouth Echo: one about supporting the Barrack Road scheme and the other about road safety in general.  

Removal of Physical Barriers

 I have been in discussion with BCP Council and Sustrans about removing barriers to cycling, particularly along the Castleman Trailway – both myself and our Cycling Officer have been stuck there recently.  If you are aware of any barriers on cycle routes that are causing difficulty, particularly with cargo bikes, trikes, trailers, recumbent bikes, please do take a photo and send to me or post on the FB group and we’ll compile a list.  I am told there are several due to be removed imminently.

Boscombe Overcliff

BHAT member Marc Woodall recently forwarded the council (via BHAT) a well thought out and illustrated proposal including filtering and cycle lane options for the Boscombe Overcliff.  Cllrs Broadhead and Greene responded to say that they would prefer to find solutions to the Promenade as funding was more likely and filtering the cliff top was not an option.  Thank you, Marc, for your input, it’s important to keep asking for schemes and improvements as ideas can sow seeds.

Secure Cycle Storage

I have been forwarding the Council information on secure bike storage schemes such as Dutch lockers/lift systems and repurposed retail units such as at Crowngate shopping centre in Worcester , and the Seven Dials Cycle Hub in London.  This has paid off!  Meetings have now been arranged with a view to a cycle storage facility in the Dolphin Centre (BHAT attending) and I am pressing the council for similar facilities in Bournemouth, Boscombe and Christchurch.

Draft Seafront Strategy

I have sent in a formal response to the Draft Seafront Strategy team on behalf of BHAT, requesting a long-term solution for a coastal cycle link (Promenade) but to also include a ‘Tourist Trail’ (similar idea to the Camel Trail) around the whole of Poole Harbour, along the seafront and on to Christchurch.

Digital Update

Media Update- Marc Lohez

The Facebook Group is really healthy with lots of posts, comments and engagements.  We have also had some negative incidents which have led to members being banned or members leaving, but this will go hand in hand with reaching out to new groups and to a larger audience.  

Membership at time of meeting is 991, slowed down but stead progess, so close to 1,000!

Engagment – 957 active members – this is massive!  This proves the group is really active with very few members remaining dormant. Comments 3,540 which is up 50% from the last quarter.

It is imperative that we reach out to new groups and our local community groups to tackle the stagnation in new members.

A note to posters on the FB Group.  Please remember to keep posts fact based and neutral to avoid coming across as ‘anti-car’ as several posts have attracted negative attention.

BCP Council’s Cycling & Walking Officer Report

Beth Barker-Stock


• Update provided by Marc Griffin from the TCF Programme Management Board – See attached       Presentation

• Thanks to BHAT members for continuing to contribute to consultations and stakeholder meetings. 

• For any further comments or queries, members are requested to email the Transforming Travel email address rather than individual officers – this is to make sure that all emails are logged and responded to by the appropriate person. transformingtravel@bcpcouncil.gov.uk 


• Taking up the bulk of C&W officer time at the moment as we push to get this completed. Huge amount of work involved – our LCWIP is one of the most detailed and technically comprehensive that we’ve seen. The strong evidence base will put us in a good position for bidding for future funding from the DfT. 

• We have had some delays in getting it finished and are now looking to go out to consultation on the final document in mid-October (subject to approval from Cllr Greene) – please do look out for this and feed back through the relevant channels. 

• Once all the consultation responses are collated, we will make any further amendments, before writing a Cabinet report (deadline end January) and presenting to Cabinet in March. 

Active Travel Fund (previously branded the Emergency Active Travel Fund, or EATF) 

• Whitecliff – new senior engineer has just joined the team and he will be picking up this scheme. Yet to complete the detailed design. Ward Member update soon and then there will be a public update. Hoping to start on site in April – subject to Habitats Regulation Assessment – but Turks Lane buildouts done much sooner to help with wheelchair and cycle access in the interim. Bid for more DfT funding to enable us to continue the Whitecliff path across Baiter and towards the Quay – expecting to hear about this in late October. 

• Evening Hill – the Engineering team are in the process of designing some mitigation measures including a new crossing before approval/announcement can be made. 

• Poole Quay and Lower High St – decision has been published to make permanent, but seasonal. Both roads will be re-opened to motor traffic from November to March inclusive, but continue to be closed to motor traffic from 10am to 10pm, April to October inclusive. The revised traffic order will make provision for special requests such as wedding cars, land train, exhibition vehicles etc if applied for in future. 

• Tatnam Road and Birds Hill/Churchfield Road – draft decisions were published to retain both of these. Cllr Greene is currently considering his final decision which will be published in due course. 

• Victoria Park Road – a further consultation exercise has been underway to explore various amendments/alternative closure points, and we are awaiting the outcome of this before Cllr Greene can make a final decision in liaison with ward members. 

• Darbys Lane – due for review and a final decision within two months to avoid the ETRO timing out. A further complementary ETRO has just been installed in Kingsbere Road which can run for up to 18 months however the Council has made it clear that it can pull the scheme early if there are issues with it. 


• Continuing to provide technical appraisal and feedback on TCF designs. 

• Advising Engineering team on other projects at early stages of design. 

• Responding to complaints and queries from members of the public and ward Members. 

• Commenting on Planning applications, Neighbourhood Plans and new developments. 

• Providing input at Sustainable Masterplanning meetings. 

• Continuing to remove chicane-type barriers which pose a problem accessibility-wise and have a meeting this week with the Open Spaces team who look after the Castleman Trailway. Please continue to report these barriers either directly or through your local ward member, if they are causing an obstruction. 

• Working with the Dolphin Shopping Centre in Poole to deliver a new indoor bike parking hub – they are keen to engage with BHAT and other local cycling groups on this. 

• School Streets – have approval to pilot 4no. School Streets next academic year, subject to ward member approval. Have been successful in our bid for funding from the DfT to allow us to employ a temporary School Streets officer to support us in delivering these. 

• Sustrans Bike It Officer – we have also received funding to allow us to extend Amanda Shorey’s contract for another year, which is excellent news. In addition we have been able to employ another Bike It officer and alongside this we will be launching an anti-idling campaign. 

• Beryl update – over 235,000 km ridden on Beryl bikes and scooters in July. Currently 800+ bikes on street and 250 e-scooters. The DfT E-scooter trial was due to finish in November but it has recently been announced that we will be continuing the trial until March next year. 

From the Zoom chat box

Questions from the chat box during the meeting will be collated and forwarded to Cllr Mike Greene for his response.  Replies from the previous meeting can be found on the FB Group.

Focus groups

Forum member John Grantham suggested that a ‘working group’ was set up to brainstorm ideas as to how to ensure the Promenade is a useable route throughout the year.  Several members expressed an interest.  Chair will facilitate this after the next meeting.

Overhanging/Overgrown Vegetation on Footpaths and Cycleways

Please report any issues using the BCP ‘report it’ function, or email Cllr Mark Anderson mark.anderson@bcpcouncil.gov.uk 

Future meeting dates

Date of next Meeting – 7th December  – Zoom


Christmas Social

All BH Active Travel members, councillors, families, and friends are welcome to join us for a Christmas Social Ride & Gathering.  Details on the ‘Events’ section of the Facebook Group.  Meet Midday, Sunday 19th December outside Harry Ramsdens (decorated bikes would be brilliant!) for a leisurely ride to our BHAT stand, on the beach by Urban Reef (just beyond Boscombe Pier),  for mulled wine and mince pies.