Transforming Travel Cycleways Part 1

Transforming Travel 

Youll have seen the front page local press and public Website by now, and we have been writing and conversing about this for 21 months since the funds were won by the U.A leading the BCP Council.

As stakeholders there has been continual dialogue and inclusion in meetings with others listed below for your info, these consultations are to be published soon as a review.

Todays post is to clarify what has been added with the users perspective at the centre of our interest, overall this is without doubt a new era that is opening, we welcome all of this work and also have positive contributions to make on really having successful changes- based on evidence of the sort we have been posting here over the last year,  do contribute and add these ideas if you agree.

note-SIDI- Single Direction track, BIDI- Bi Direction track

  • 4 cycleways first to be publicly released with public consultation end of February.
  • Thereafter 2 connectivity (bus) corridors also with cycle facilities released end of March.

Of course the Connectivity corridors will also include building for pedestrians and wheels.

To take it scheme by scheme C1 Not Consulted on yet with Stakeholders. This is Bournemouth to Christchurch.

You may live there? our members in Christchurch have recently submitted this detailed resume of improvements needed there, this was by request from the Cycling Officer. Read them as an example of what members add to the dialogue. xchurch

Onto the featured other schemes, meeting details and our replies –

  • Transforming Travel Stakeholder meeting C2 (2nd meeting) 27/01/2021
  • Attendees x 10 (W.S.P Staff and project manager x5)
  • Bmth- Ferndown. Cycleway (1 of 4)

9 sections of building. Upper Gardens-2 new parallel crossings across roads, Overall, fantastic to know more crossing, calming and 20 MPH zones extended. Improvement to Kings Park which has been a Low Traffic Neighbourhood for years.

Forum contribution:- need for lighting and signage to encourage riders onto one track only, pedestrians in middle and eastern footways only, although it is impossible to legislate for this in such places- giving very clear signage to all would reduce conflict and initiate more future use.

Prince of Wales rd, Leven ave. Parallel crossing at Branksome wood road to lead onto leven, a bad place for those on foot- very welcomed here.

Still needed the Leven Modal filter which was there until recently, need to be added back or corner cutting by through vehicles continues. Suggestion is there ‘planting’ ? to be confirmed.

Glenfurness Ave, stepped cycletrack both sides, widening of footway at bridge and made part of route, all side roads tightened up and continuous cycleways, all LTN 1/20 compliant. Forum contribution:- fully set back junctions space exists and sent designs, added that without double yellows parking in would negate entire job. Note- also supplied cycleway inside parking photos, (elsewhere on this blog) if consultations with residents couldnt achieve results needed. See photo below of the Northern end of road. Learn from Castle Lane West experience where same type of track exists. Difficulties with the bridge over railway treatment fully acknowledged.






Boundary / Talbot rbt, new crossing over Glenfurness to replace refuges, Forum contribution:- on current work/ need for coloured surface on joining section between roundabouts to mitigate risk of drivers entering flats

Boundary rbt to Eynsbury park, considering linking to wallisdown road, 30 mph not 40mph, uncertain of cycleway type here. Eynsbury crossings added .Forum contribution:- fact of service road uphill, pointed out speed of through bikes. Vic park road needs junction treatment- Eynsbury Gyratory-added massive good luck redesigning! One of the relics from 1970s, terribly hard to re-do although there are numerous examples such as Highbury Corner in London where similar schemes have become 2021 compliant.

Redhill drive, protected routes both sides, plenty space here. Forum contribution:- parking could have cycleway behind on side where parking exists , also linking grass space from NE corner into Wimborne road and removal of barriers.

Stour bridge, designs for new bridge shown, no certainty of route across fields, access, landownership. Forum contribution:- Throop, alternate route, made case that no one is asking for route over fields, pigshoot and lanes exist to go direct to airport users target group. Also alternative suggestion if the path went left to the church, it could go up Church lane, and that gives people choices towards Parley as well as back towards the Airport. Made case that expensive bridges that cant be lit due to environmental reasons wont be popular, pointed out the Stour Valley park working group and fact of how leisure users much more likely.

Airport/ 3073 toucan crossing. Planning consents needed from environment agency. Forum contribution:- not many commuters as not many staff! Unlikely people making Bmth –Ferndown whole length ride but good in sections for local trips.

East Parley onto Chapel lane. Bridleway exists but very overgrown link would be, 3.5 metre designated track all way up. Clearing started.

Tricketts cross, Thames close, link to work done by D.C already .

BHAT main contributions outside of engineering:-

Forum contribution:-– Totems having cycle counters now-in first instance to evidence bike use, there are currently plans for lots of waymarking totems going in, BCP need to evidence bike use with counters of some sort which still don’t exist and after years of asking, still unable to get any data on users numbers at busiest places.

  • BHAT main interests on this route- Bourne Valley Greenway improvements.
  • Leven Ave Modal Filter
  • Glenfurness Road Parking resolution
  • Stour River crossing.


Whitelegg, Additional section joining the above scheme


Transforming Travel Stakeholder meeting C3 (3rd meeting) 03/02/2021

  • Attendees x 15 (W.S.P Staff and project manager x5)
  • Poole – Holton Heath Cycleway (2 of 4)

5 sections  on route.

From Rigler road to connect with Twin Sails bridge. Suggestion of  armadillos- useless when HGVs on Route . Parallel route at back of Carter school, already cleared of vegetation, linking into backstreets. Forum contribution:- missing facilities for biggest use group- port, sunseeker employees from old town bridge.?? Backed by Poole B.I.D. and other contributor, its written on the map ‘International Port’,  and TCF is supposed to connect major locations so why not here?

Eccles road / hinchliffe road. Quietway type treatments, signage, footways where needed no cycle specifics.

A350 Inglesham road new X-ings

Dawkins road new X-Ings , to take into Carters ave and into station. Forum contribution:- possible BIDI north side of road to take people from Upton CP into Symes road and Quay area, also need for cycle symbols on running lane under bridge, gave Tuckton example- essential as much talk about restrictions of width. Examples

Sandy Lane entrance, new X-ings. Becomes D.C work here, again Quietway type treatments all way.

Suggestion of Modal Filter at Woodlands eve? , not mentioned in meeting, welcomed.

At end of road near new estate track goes on south side of A35 to cross at lost bridge Sherford River, conversation ongoing with landowners. Private land then into joining Sandford road.

Other contributers added- quality of Upton, Castleman and Roman road links here from Hamworthy

Cordite way, other route from Turlin to Sandford road better, this is 30 year campaign- still unresolved, a bridge over water at Railway line Rockley- could connect this perfectly.

  • Forum contribution:-– Armadillos on Rigler road, useless when HGVs on route.
  • QWays- pointed out these routes are all through residential routes, elsewhere evidence shows that Q’Ways work well with modal filters otherwise just signage no change to built environment at all.
  • Conversation with officer about the loop from Policemans lane to Lychett, and growth of estate and families, needing route safety for children to Lychett Minter sch. Also continuing across Bakers rbt to Sandford direction, students use route now- more in future, strongly advised treatment at Bakers Rbt to at least make loop work with new work. see post for more evidence 


Expect to see more of these, Cabot Lane/ Broadstone Way junction



Transforming Travel Stakeholder meeting C5 (3nd) 11/02/2021

  • Attendees x 8 (W.S.P Staff x4 /project manager apols )
  • Poole- Merley. Cycleway (3 of 4)

4 sections

Heckford Road jcn with Wimborne rd, ( from George rbt to there is another piece of work) Suggestion of a new BIDI to New Inn junction on south side of road, to replace 2018 work which re-surfaced and painted same advisory cycleway lines. Junction assessment tool to be used at New Inn/ Darbys Lane . Bigger piece of work on that Junction ongoing to treat as all Fernside / Wimborne road, see other reports. Forum contribution: idea of floating parking rather than loss of parking, and SIDI rather than BIDI over such a short section, very important, for some reason Engineers feel they have to show some different treatments, they dont, there are different treatments on every single location- not retaining the other side existing route will just mean bikes will ride footways to detriment of pedestrians, and where will those living on the north side get on? It needs to have links please, people dont want to cross roads to get going on the direction they want. Whole of Tatnam area would be ideal for 1km square of LTN treatment, and also that both side of the road could be protected with existing lines, that locals have to access the facility from whichever side they need to. Forum contribution:- that the advance cycle lights at New Inn are one of the best pieces of work in area from years ago, noted they also still needs treatment for novices. Suggestion of Modal Filter at Stokes avenue, welcomed would be useful with wider Stanley Green Low Traffic Neighbourhood work.

Darbys Lane- to cross Dorchester road, crossings and junction treatment.  All good here, just added LTN at end/ New Inn should remain to link with the whole junction work outside of TCF.

Trigon Footbridge to Canford Heath road, improvement of bridge and surfacing either side/ industrial estate road improvement currently ‘bald’ road. Added that its less than perfect as is, gradient, quality surface etc.

Lighting mentioned. Underpass mentioned at Canford Heath Road. Overpass would be Toucan to cross road. Forum contribution: underpass is filthy , undrained and dark.

Forum contribution: addition the fact the Canford Heath rd, section to Adastral here at underpass where Toucan is suggested- is ideal BIDI section as is already, parallel to main road with no junctions, the opposite of the suggested section on Wimborne road, strongly advised SIDI/ stepped track there.

Canford Heath road to end of red bricks. Widened and made distinct cycleway, footway. Ends at start of Canford Heath . Special Protected Area. Forum contribution:- -Great place at the same time, locals are in there, this is welcome addition however does nothing to address mode shift in wider picture required by TCF.

Links to Dunyeats road and Gravel Hill, all Gravel hill south of Dunyeats to Darbys corner treated. Better crossing for school, widening where possible of track to make like Dunyeats with side road treatments for priority over .

Chairmans contribution: in my own personal view, the Special Protected Area status shouldn’t detract from the fact end of this work – will remain a desire line, will continue to have bikes on it going to Cemetery, and should be surfaced and lit. There is a massive landfill on the same Canford Heath site, was that given the ok by the lizards that live there?. Noted ongoing Natural England difficulties in line with British warped sense of what ‘countryside’ consists of, also currently being played out on Whitecliff consultation.



wimborne road poole
BIDI without anything on other side of road=unneccesary


Whitecliff . Last 2 days of ‘Consultation’

We are seeking contribution from Sustrans as this is part of the National Cycle Network- watch for their contributions.

Future proofing this area will make great steps towards Decarbonising Transport and making local journeys Active. Many people use the route for both local and commuter trips, as it is most attractive route, these people wont ever go down in number. The whole area needs to be considered, more than just the grant funded possibilities, to get on and off what is shown on plans.

LTN 1/20 guidance – separate paths would allow the new route widths recommended in LTN 1/20 chapter 5. Ideally running behind the benches as BHAT suggested. Natural England advise the waterside for the Cycleway which is an equal solution, although local knowledge would suggest the mitigating the risk of disturbing wading birds on the waterside by dogs and humans is probably fanciful. Other suggestions being made taking the route away from waterside is a downgrading to existing provision which is last resort. It shouldn’t feel too far from the waterfront, otherwise chances it will be ignored.



2753_ETRO2 Whitecliff Baiter map

Please add your contributions now.

Chairmans note- Dont even start me about Keyhole bridge around the corner from where I live. The way a few individuals have conducted themselves with utter facetiousness towards their constituents shows how plastic current BCP administration is. Battering their way into office full of false promises about listening, then insolently ignoring the entire ‘consultation process for political reasons. Straight out of Donalds book of tips.