New Chairperson/ Forum AGM


BH Active Travel, Spring AGM 

Minutes of Zoom Meeting Held on Tuesday 9th March 2021

Commencing at 18.00hrs



Jason Falconer – Host //Marc Lohez – Media Lead

Lawrence Harrell- Cycling officer//Beth Barker-Stock- Senior Cycling officer

James Adler- WSP//Mike O’Gorman- WSP

Cllr Felicity Rice//Cllr Andy Hadley

Mike Chalkley//Paul Turner//Ray O-luby

John Grantham- Green TLC

Paul Bradley//Paul Mordeci//Ross Hodder//Annabelle Hodder//Sue Smith//Marion Lohez

Mark Sanders-MAS Design

Angela Fendley//Lucie Allen//David Smith//Susan Stockwell//Kate Salter

Catherine Boulton- PHE

Dave Fevier//Brian Callow//Stephen Allen

Angela Pooley – Secretary

Apologies from Cllr Cheryl Johnson; Cllr L.J Evans; Cllr Vikki Slade


  1. Introductions

As Chair, Jason Falconer welcomed everyone to the Zoom meeting


  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting:

These were accepted as a true and accurate record.


  1. Matters Arising Not Covered on the Agenda:

No Matters arising


  1. Election of Chair & Secretary

Jason Falconer has decided to stand down as Chair, 3 years service=maximum duration of Chairpersonship

Jason nominated Lucie Allen to take on the role, asked for Seconder, Dave Smith seconded, with 3 others This was agreed for the next year.

Angela Pooley offered to stand down as she has been carrying out the roll for several years.  Unfortunately there were no volunteers to take on the role so Angela agreed to continue.  This was approved.


  1. Chairman’s Report.


Jason reported on the 3 Stakeholder consultations attended, contributions have also all been reported on website- Along with Cllr updates, BHAT have added contributions prior to the second phase of public consultations online on Transforming Travel section of BCP Website until end of 31 March.

Please email for addition to the website submissions.

Currently attending the next x3 Stakeholder meetings with new Chairperson Lucie Allen, These are on the Connectivity corridors S5 and S2, as S5 Poole is to Ferndown and Wimborne crosses BCP/ Dorset boundary split into 2 meetings, 1 for each Council. Reminder- keep using the BHAT prompts on website and photos to add to your own consultation submissions.

Additional requests to TCF team, Totems with cycle counters on as soon as possible to give the TCF project some evidence of use on routes, Liason Officer request, to connect the public with all aspects of the project. Christchurch – there wasn’t a Stakeholder consultation on C1 Bmth to Christchurch route so submitted Forum members contributions we have collected on request from Cycling Officer, see website for full details.

EATF, made many requests to BCP about where the second tranche of COVID measures is? And what happened about the date schedule of 6 months trials, Still no knowledge from anyone, even those Officers attending forum…



Consultations ended, BHAT have linked with Sustrans to add formal statement to BCP which we fully support. Heres the BCP consultation response – NCN25 about Whitecliff.


Keyhole Bridge

A group on FB formed, Sue Smith offered to co-ordinate campaign to keep Keyhole closed to through motor traffic, FB users asked to keep the dialogue going.

Wessex Fields

BHAT supported friends of Riverside letter to Western Gateway Board, Wessex Fields


Comms/’Quick wins

BCP asked for user of Whitelegg which is one of 3 ‘quick wins’  to see work on soon, (Kings Park, Upper Gardens)- Forum connected Brian Callow who uses road regularly for cargo bike deliveries, no outcomes…



Jason attended meeting of the Broadstone Forum, with Cllrs Slade and Brooke and the Neighbourhood planners, to look at how incremental changes could be made to the Broadway area, adding examples of Parklets, Accessibility and other walking and cycling improvements. Neighbourhood plans have been promoted by Councils for residents to co-ordinate for many years, they seem to be everywhere seeking funds to do anything- do inform me of ANY Neighbourhood plan that has seen execution and change to the built environment.


  1. Media Update- Marc Lohez

Digital Update March 2021:

Digital growth has been slower but steady this last period – mostly due to the fact people have been so busy! Most interesting to note is our percentage of active Facebook users is almost 100% of the group – which is absolutely fantastic.



  • FB Group membership up from 665 to 720 members
  • 60 posts from 718 active members (of 720)!
  • 3.2 reactions


600 individual users (+74%)

900 sessions (+76%)

Still on the agenda for the next quarter will be to link up more local groups to drive engage for more numbers – it’s essential that group members also do their bit so please do post and share you’re more likely to follow your friends!

Lucie Allen offered to assist Marc with the Media work – an offer that was welcomed.

Dave Fevier offered to take on the Twitter page and keep adding quality links and posts to latest Active Travel realm.


7. TCF – Verbal Update given by Mike O’Gorman of WSP

Initial engagement closed in mid December, and the results from that can be found at:

Headline results are interesting:

67% said that closing roads outside schools would improve the area.

62% said that restricting through-traffic on residential streets would improve the area.

12% said that they do not currently cycle, but would like to start.

Lots of comments about lack of Poole – Bournemouth route.


  • Four of the six TCF corridors are currently being consulted on in more detail, with the remaining two corridors being published later. Feedback can be given at by 31st March.
  • For any further comments or queries, members are requested to email the Transforming Travel email address rather than individual officers – this is to make sure that all emails are logged and responded to by the appropriate person.
  1. Officers Report – Beth Barker-Stock

Active Travel Fund (previously branded the Emergency Active Travel Fund, or EATF)

  • Tranche 2 – Whitecliff path consultation just closed. The consultation team will pull together the feedback and then engineering team will progress the final design.
  • Tranche 1 – no indication yet of which schemes are likely to be made permanent. Keyhole Bridge removed on Friday. Some of the other ETROs may be subject to an extension of the trial beyond six months, rather than a yes/no decision being made now.
  • I have made my recommendations for each location; these will be brought together with other officer advice and public feedback and presented to Mike Greene in order for him to make the final decision.


Slightly delayed, but the draft primary and secondary network map has now been completed and is currently with officers for feedback prior to doing a light-touch public engagement later this month – subject to the OK from Mike Greene.

  • The purpose of this engagement will be to pick up any missing links, or oddities that may have been thrown out by the algorithms and technical process, and overlooked by officers. Then we can finalise the network map.
  • One thing we will also be asking is public opinion on the prioritisation of routes – i.e. once we’ve delivered TCF, what should come next?
  • I will then be working with colleagues over the next few months to produce the final LCWIP document, which sets out the background, the purpose of and methodology behind the LCWIP, but most importantly/interestingly, a proposed delivery plan for the initial parts of the network to be tackled.
  • This will be subject to a formal consultation later in the year – aiming for late summer.

Parks and Open Spaces:

Other live projects:

  • Wallisdown Road West underway – rolling programme throughout this year. Mountbatten to Coty access road – first phase – complete this summer.
  • Boundary Roundabout well underway –due for completion in April.
  • Holes Bay Crossing – work well underway and due for completion in early April.
  • Cabot Lane junction improvements – complete.
  • E-scooter trial – underway and very popular so far – over 45,000km ridden so far with over 4000 users.
  • Beryl Bikes – over 79,000km ridden in February.

Other Cycling & Walking Officer work:

  • Technical appraisal and feedback on initial proposals for all TCF work.
  • Advising Engineering team on other projects at early stages of design.
  • Responding to complaints and queries from members of the public and ward Members.
  • Commenting on Planning applications, Neighbourhood Plans and new developments.
  • Providing input at masterplanning meetings
  • Looking for “easy wins” and other minor works that can be delivered in current year.
  • Looking out for maintenance schemes (resurfacing) where changes to line markings are required,         g. where existing lanes are too narrow, and providing advice to relevant teams.
  • Providing advice and feedback to Comms team on wording/framing for consultation information.
  • Starting to look at potential School Streets.
  • Working on possible Cycling Festival event – aiming for late September.
  • Working with colleagues to align Bikeability training provision across BCP.
  • New Sustrans Bike It officer, Amanda Shorey, has just started with us – working with 12 schools on behaviour change and engagement.
  • Healthy Streets training

Street Parking

Dave Smith asked the Officers if there’s anything they can do to get parking restricted on certain roads as this causes problems across the Conurbation.  Beth replied that the LTWIP will make a difference as they are positive about this.  Active Travel England are also starting to engage at a local level with issues such as this. Beth also suggested that people highlight bad areas to their local Councillors.

  1. 9. AOB

Keyhole Bridge

Sue Stockwell is focussing on this issue and there is now a Group primarily of local residents set up to try and get the BCP to reverse their decision to re-open the Keyhole Bridge. Something that is strongly supported by the Forum.

Hedge Clearance

Susan Stockwell asked if more can be done to keep pavements clear of overgrown hedges as this causes problems for all users.

Beth Barker-Stock replied that problems like this can be reported to the Council via this website:

Poole Park Cycle Routes

Paul raised concern about the lack of cycle lanes in Poole Park.  It was agreed that this is a problem that needs to be addressed.  One suggestion was that Through Traffic should be stopped in the Park and dedicated cycle lanes should be put in place.

Road Signage

Concerns were raised about the poor signage for cyclists & pedestrians in the area.  It was reported that this is currently being reviewed by the Officers.


Jason Falconer reported that the BCP are currently looking at improving cycle routes in the Throop area and the Stour Valley.

Angela Pooley reported that a couple of routes have been suggested and she is actively involved in the discussions around this and will report back.

Christchurch Waitrose Car Park

Angela Pooley said that she’d seen a press article stating that the Christchurch Waitrose Car Park was being sold.  She asked the Officers and Cllr Rice if they could look at this and if possible ensure that any future plans for this would still enable it to be used as a safe route for cyclists & pedestrians to get onto the path adjacent to Christchurch By-pass.

The Officers & Cllr Rice reported that this was already being looked at.

Provisional Date of Next Meeting – 15th June – Location to be confirmed.

It was agreed that the starting time for future meetings will remain at 18:00 as this is the most suitable time for Officers.






Jason Falconer

Orienteering coaching, cartography, teacher training, Head Coach at Wessex Orienteering Club. Cycling coaching level 2 BC, Track, Trail/ Tech MTB leader, Bikeability, Safer Urban Driving Instructor, E-bike Instructor.