Looking Ahead

Todays post is a photo story- With so much of our lives on hold, we need to have things to look forward to, heres a couple.

We are invited to help with the Poole Park celebration to happen over the weekend of June 26th 27th 2021.

The bid is in to Arts Council and the super head of this weekend of fun is Michele O Brien, featured on the video here. We at BHAT aim to be able to provide some Wheely Good fun over the weekend, celebrating the Parks history as a place for people more than through motor traffic.  Good luck with the Bid! Find Michele on multiple channels


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Some of the history of the Park includes its use a place where the youngest learn to ride a bike, right through to the days of the cycletrack being a big feature of weekends. Today the Park still serves that need for people to learn, recreate, play and like the other Great parks Kings, Queens and Meyrick- all places for people.

Some pictures and a great blog here. 



Which also brings me nicely onto another Summer Activity, this year it will be Fathers Day for the 5th of these Vintage Rides Ive co-ordinated. Dorset Goes Vintage, the V Dub at the Pub Cycleride from Wimborne. On the 21ST August Saturday that weekend, and ride recce 2-4 on the 07th.  We are seeking marshals so do get in touch if you are interested.



Briefly , those of you seeking some Academic rigour to prove how investment in Active Travel reaps rewards-  a new paper here by Dr Rachel Aldred and others.:-


and finally, read the views of BH14 residents about Keyhole bridge Poole. 


Jason Falconer

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