End year post/Meeting Notes

Hi all, last post of the year we hope you have a safe and enjoyable break, despite everything, one thing we can be sure of being Active will help youre wellbeing- enjoy the outdoors. Be back January to relish the next 3 years building for Active Travel in BH Area, with your Cllr contacts and lots more.

Heres the meeting notes our next meeting 03/ 09 Marc TBC, we are looking for Nominations for new Chair- (3 years up!), Secretary and Treasurer- Please get in touch if you want to chair this vibrant forum to more success.



 Minutes of Zoom Meeting Held on Tuesday 8th December 2020


                                                            Commencing at 18.00hrs


Jason Falconer – Host

Marc Lohez – Media Lead

Lawrence Harrell- Cycling officer

Beth Barker-Stock- Engineer/ Cycling

Walking officer BCP

Sophie Leon-BCP

Cllr Felicity Rice

Cllr Andy Hadley

Cllr L.J Evans

Mike Chalkley

Paul Turner

Ray O-luby

John Grantham- the Green TLC

Tom Quay- Passenger

Lucie Allen

Dan Bateman

Andrew Eydmann

Martin Jolly-Beryl

Richard Wintrip- BU

David Smith

Susan Stockwell-

Kate Salter- Poole Living Streets

Catherine Boulton – Public Health Dorset

Dave Fevier

Christine Ratcliffe

Derek Heritage

Angela Pooley – Secretary

Apologies from Cllr Cheryl Johnson; Cllr Lisa Lewis; Cllr Vicky Slade; Judy Windwood; Brian Callow

  1. Introductions

As Chair, Jason Falconer welcomed everyone to the Zoom meeting

  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting:

These were accepted as a true and accurate record.

  1. Matters Arising Not Covered on the Agenda:

No Matters arising

  1. Chairman’s Report.

Jason introduced Beth Barker- Stock who was first connected to the Forum at last meeting in September.

JF asked Question about how will BCP present the details of Consultations and noted that 27 December is the first end of 6 months period for Poole Old Town High St and Quay.

Since last meeting JF had been contacted by Wayne Sayers of D.C and had a Zoom meeting about Leigh road. (June 2019 consultation in Wimborne x 2 that BHAT attended)

Leigh road subsequently became the first TT (PREVIOUSLY TCF) scheme to be announced by BCP, on 03 November.

JF covered following topics-Transforming Travel Stakeholder meeting, one of several held with interest groups. Marc Griffen of WSP contracted to BCP to project manage. Learned at that meeting that Leigh road residents were being flyered to engage them in conversation,  welcome news as it also combined with BHAT flyering of Keyhole Bridge BH14 area. Chairman stated that by flyering 600 houses was a significant risk to BHAT as prompting locals to submit own views could easily work against us if feeling was stronger against keeping the LTN. Mentioned BCP Officer email thanking us for the flyering and amount of response they have had as a result of that action. Keyhole was mentioned as a scheme to be removed by new Cons cabinet but hasn’t transpired…REMINDER Feb is end of 6 months consultation and all other dates on website( 13 sept post). Between 27 Dec and 21 March.

Other elements of TT- Funding set aside for Trip End Facilities, these are grant based and need to have a match fund of 20% from schools or business, there are 2 sets of funds- since meeting Schools has been publicly announced, we have linked Lychett Minster school who are on C3 route and they are interested. More to do on this. Business can have bespoke grants which could be showers and facilities for helping staff.

Contributions from BHAT, one week left at time of meeting, asked again to contribute and noted I have added 100+ contributions including many pictures and examples.

Point raised by me that links are imperative, schemes cannot stand on their own without good connectivity- asked for more BHAT contributions from user perspective- links to our upcoming Ward reps work- giving the user experience for areas all over the BH map.

Active Travel Funds- tranche 2. Is 1 million pounds, (400k BCP contribute)

We have a scheme idea in this list which is still not made public, yet mentioned by both M Greene and D Mellor publicly, (BBS made the designs whilst engineer) still awaiting announcement but of the 5 schemes ours is only one off road, and providing least controversy, we look forward to work starting.

Other work– Meeting with CLLR Rigby who asked us about the parks and greenspaces aspect of schemes, BHAT drew up a list of parks and places that need attention and also some ideas- Chines and more about what could be done to link better. Seafront E-W route is noted as not appearing anywhere on LCWIP….our biggest asset, until such time as prom is widened perhaps getting people to the beach actively is best angle.

Work ongoing- Boundary lane, note NOT on LTN 1/20 , nearing completion end of April date given.

Wallisdown West – underway, west end first the plans shown on website underway, need to keep in touch as final touches are made to the building.

Lifecycle offer- website and socials, free Sheffield stands available.

Living Streets link- Poole co-ordinator now in place (Kate Salter at meeting) we shall be working with her on anything we can to hep

Green TLC, bike mechanics work at Boscombe, underway since beginning of December, 3 days a week- pleased to have been able to link John Grantham with Peter Roscoe who manages Sovereign centre.

Offer made to all- Chair post coming up for 3 years, necessity to change. Also Sec and Treasurer posts to find people for. AGM in March at next meeting


  1. Media Update- Marc Lohez

Digital upate:

Since the last meeting in September the Facebook group has continued its growth with some impressive numbers, more importantly creating a more varied and very active user base from a growing number of linked community groups, actively sharing in areas where we have previously met open resistance.

  • Group members up +22%, which is 610% since January this year
  • 171 posts from over 500 constantly active members
  • 2.1k comments (+126%)
  • 4558 reactions (+78%)

Twitter likewise has achieved some great growth – with 323 followers, best engagement was clip I posted to website in Keyhole which generated 6.2 K views and 187 likes – in 24 hours!

The Website is also slowly gaining momentum, even though most of our regular efforts are currently on Facebook with 1.2k individual users (+74%) and 1.8k sessions (+76%)

Key objectives for Media for next quarter will be to get the website listed in more places online, to link with more groups on social platforms and following feedback engage with more disability groups.

Group growth

After discussion with key members it was agreed that BHAT has grown considerably and will most likely continue to do so – therefore we plan to take steps now to set up the group better for later down the line.

Because of our still small relative size there is no requirement to formally register, even if we are to add funding into the mix – under £5000/pa

These actions may include all some of the following:

  • Rewrite an updated constitution taken from the original which will be live online and on social platforms
  • Recruit more lead members  – TBC March 21
  • ask for volunteer ward councillor reps –  TBC March 21
  • Create a Structure for growth including new chair, secretary (ies) and treasurer which will be voted on March 2021
  • More structured communications with BCP Council
  • Affiliations – currently Cycling UK provides the most relevant membership benefits  (such as 3rd party insurance etc) and would be purchased out of group funds covered (see next section).
  • We would ask anyone with experience in group work to get in touch

Small scale funding

In November and at personal cost BHAT created, printed and distributed small flyers in the immediate local area to raise awareness of the consultation of keyhole bridge, following comments that the scheme might be removed early like some others. The additional support generated we believe has led to the scheme now running the full length of the consultation.

This small but important victory has highlighted the importance of having small amounts of funding available to do this kind of thing. Having considered the option of crowdfunding as not being reactive enough, it was decided a small amount of funds would be very useful to the group.

We would propose:

  • The ability to take payments / donations online through creation of a group bank account and PayPal
  • Creation of a low-cost membership scheme to include perks and/or ability to take donations (TBC in March 2021)
  • Funds would be completely transparent and handled by a voted treasurer as voted in the previous section.


  1. 6. Officers Report – Beth Barker-Stock

Active Travel Fund (previously branded the Emergency Active Travel Fund, or EATF)

  • Tranche 2 – Officers are currently agreeing the programme with Cllr Mike Greene and consulting with the relevant ward members. As quoted in the Echo, Cllr Greene has confirmed that the Baiter/Whitecliff scheme is likely to be progressed, subject to agreement with ward members and public consultation in the new year. On the 11th December we will be publishing our consultation plan for the programme, as required by the DfT, and this will appear on our website. Nothing will be designed or progressed until after consultation has taken place and we can demonstrate support for the proposals.
  • The Baiter/Whitecliff path will likely take up the majority of the allocated budget (approx. £1.2m), with some funding also likely to be spend on “making Tranche 1 schemes permanent” (where these are approved, pending review).
  • Consultation still open on the EATF Tranche 1 schemes, but nearing the end of the six-month review period for the first of these (e.g. Poole Quay and Lower High St was advertised to be reviewed after 27th December). No indication yet which of the Tranche 1 schemes are likely to be retained long term.
  • Officers will make recommendations on whether/what changes need to be made to any of the ETROs in order to make the measures operate more successfully, should the decision be made to extend the trials and/or make them permanent. Any thoughts on any of the schemes please let Beth know asap


Engagement HQ platform is live (until mid-December) and all members/residents are encouraged to feed    in. https://haveyoursaybcpcouncil.uk.engagementhq.com/transforming-travel

  • Each corridor is split into sub-sections. Designers are working on the preliminary design of these at the moment, in order of priority – i.e. which will need to be constructed first. There have been a number of initial meetings with key stakeholders, including BHAT – the team sends their thanks for participating and for the follow up emails from Jason.
  • More detailed public consultation will take place early next year, along with further stakeholder meetings and technical review workshops which will involve BHAT – the team will be in touch in the new year.
  • For any further comments or queries, members are requested to email the Transforming Travel email address rather than individual officers – this is to make sure that all emails are logged and responded to by the appropriate person. transformingtravel@bcpcouncil.gov.uk


  • Work on the Draft LCWIP underway with current work involving the development of the draft primary/secondary network.
  • Planning to publish next year, date TBC as subject to briefing with Cllr Greene.
  • Expect to engage with BHAT and other groups soon.

Parks and Open Spaces:

  • Poole Park works ongoing but nearing completion – roads through park now re-opened to all traffic.
  • BCP aim to be consulting with user groups in the new year on a Stour Valley Park Strategy, which will include looking at Active Travel between Hengistbury Head and Kingston Lacey.
  • Also working on a new Green Infrastructure Strategy for the BCP area, again engagement work will start in the new year.


  • BCP have just republished an updated website with information on the various Seafront Projects currently underway: https://bcpseafrontprojects.net/
  • It includes updates on Canford Cliffs, Durley Chine Environmental Innovation Hub and Southbourne Bistro regeneration projects.
  • There will be public engagement/consultations in the new year around development of a new BCP Seafront Strategy – suggest BHAT members look out for these and contribute as the Prom will be affected.


  • Wallisdown Road Phase 2 now underway – due for completion end April 2021.
  • Boundary Roundabout well underway – also due for completion April 2021, although currently ahead of schedule.
  • Holes Bay Crossing – vegetation clearance has been done, main work to start in Jan and completed early April.
  • Cabot Lane junction improvements – complete this week.
  • E-scooter trial – starting 25th January. Expecting a press release to go out imminently about this, there will also be a webpage with all the information about the scheme.

Addendum from Lawrence Harrell:

  • The BPC Officers are mapping public cycle parking across the BCP area. This includes both Council owned stands and those available for public use on private land e.g. supermarkets and other retail outlets.
  • The Council is also looking to identify key cycling destinations across the conurbation as part of a future signing strategy.

Both these projects are continuing in the background as time permits. We hope to be able to share some more information with the Forum for comment in the New Year.  Forum members may then be able to help us by identifying any key destinations and cycle parking locations that we may have missed.

  1. Date of next Meeting – March 2021 – Date to be decided, this will be the AGM

02/ 09 March- Accepting Nominations NOW for new Chair, Secretary and Treasurer



Jason Falconer

Orienteering coaching, cartography, teacher training, Head Coach at Wessex Orienteering Club. Cycling coaching level 2 BC, Track, Trail/ Tech MTB leader, Bikeability, Safer Urban Driving Instructor, E-bike Instructor.