Minutes of Meeting 08 September


Jason Falconer – Host
Angela Pooley – Secretary
Marc Lohez – Media Lead
Lawrence Harrell- Cycling officer
Beth Barker-Stock- Engineer
Sophie Leon-BCP
Cllr Felicity Rice
Cllr Andy Hadley
Cllr L.J Evans
Cllr Lisa Lewis
Cllr Cheryl Johnson
Wilbert Smith- Christchurch
Freya Currie- Beryl Bikes
Ewan Wilson- BCP
Tim Bird-WSP
James Purkiss- WSP
John Holloway- NHS
Richard Wintrip- B.U Bicycle User Group
Tom Kelly- NHS
David Breakwell
Mike Chalkley
Paul Turner
Ray O-luby
Val Lloyd Smith
Rob Tooley
Mark Sanders
John Grantham
Graham Sutton – Poole Cyclespeedway
Tom Quay- Passenger
Dave Fevier
Apologies from Judy Windwood (DCN)


1. Introductions
As Chair, Jason Falconer welcomed everyone to the Zoom meeting

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting:
These were accepted as a true and accurate record.

3. Matters Arising Not Covered on the Agenda:
No Matters arising

4. Chairman’s Report.
Jason gave an update on events since last meeting, last meeting 02 June. Details of Wallisdown West scheme which is now on BCP website which a sub –group talked with engineers about in May.
This is about to be publicly given promotion and consultation. Also work to be done at Cabot Lane/ Broadstone way and another scheme including crossing at Holes Bay which BHAT have contributed to. Other involvement includes since last time, Zoom meeting with Churchill Road residents over LTN ideas, the first of such modal filters to be given positive press about, following community event there on 11 Sept.
Other EATF work- success of Evening hill, other actions and where we are at with linking interested people in submitting consultations on all these schemes. It was stated that simply put these EATF schemes will stand or fall on whether the data shows more support than opposition.
6 months trials for each .Whilst there has been much media attention on the first schemes, Jason mentioned the way BHAT had been publicising the many existing modal filters in BH area. Forum notes that previous consultations often led to watered down ineffective schemes- not from engineers design but opposing voices and uninformed Cllrs being louder than any users who were less likely to contribute. Overall Forum is glad of the success so far, and in context of the road network a tiny scratch on the areas roads. Tranche 1 was 1.4 Million award, and we noted the quality of the applications that won money, in contrast with many Councils that failed on both funds and implementation.Tranche 2 of EATF can be read here and funding is due to be announced by DFT on the 01st October.
Blog of 15th September outlines the Influence the Forum has had on proposals

Forum requested the date schedule of expiry of all first tranche EATF schemes which is published on blog above, this will aid promotion which needs to be pro-active by all supporters. They are all here, the many people now in support still need to make that support heard if anything is going to remain in place, even Evening hill

5. Media Update- Marc Lohez

Since the last meet in March both Facebook (our main channel currently) and website presence has grown very well using only organic reach. We’ve broadened our horizons in terms of connected groups which are now much more diverse, including local disability groups.

We took a vote from attendees asking if members would be prepared to make yearly small donation £ to enable better reach and allow us to actively promote the work of forum on various platforms. Overwhelming a positive Yes given by all.

We continue to repost to local community groups to generate interest on Facebook, seemingly always in the face of massive backlash, not helped by numerous Echo articles which seem to be very good at stirring the pot, however, the same small group of very vocal protesters are now being shut down by others from their own number, giving way to actual conversation/debate which is what we hope to encourage.

Numbers from Facebook since April 2020:

• FB Group membership up from 248 to 548 members (121%)
• 260 posts from 371 active members – this is an amazing number showing a very active readership
• Member uptake averaging 20 members a week holding steady
• 3600 reactions

Some Website stats:

1.4k individual users
2.1k sessions
55% mobile, 38% desktop 7% tablet
Twitter- Now 183 Followers, most within BH area, 11 Cllrs, large proportion of Officers in BCP

6. Officers Report – Lawrence Harrell

Current Schemes.
• Wallisdown Phase 1 – complete with a few odds and ends to finish off.
• Additional work on the Wallisdown corridor continues. This will offer a significant improvement on the existing situation and information will be available to the public in the next few weeks with work commencing later this year.
• • Boundary Roundabout – currently onsite.
• Townside Poole – the Twin Sails junction is nearing completion.
• Broadway Lane and Shillingstone Drive zebra crossing is due for completion this week
• Poole Lane Zebras X2 planned for construction later this year
• St Stephens Road 20mph zone and footway widening due to start this calendar year.
• Holes Bay – This scheme has been to the forum previously and the drawings have been updated in response to the comments received, delivery is expected in this financial year
• The crossing has been independently assessed and due to the dual carriageway road being 40mph, the carriageway width/crossing distance and the proximity to the roundabout a staggered crossing is the only option for a controlled crossing at this location.
• The crossing has been widened to accommodate cargo bikes as shown on crossing overview.
• We have undertaken cycle/pedestrian counts and used the Propensity to Cycle Tool to design for future use.
• The crossing will be at carriageway level to avoid a ramped island.
• The splays have been adjusted on the Holes Bay existing path as much as possible, but there are ecological issues preventing the path being altered further.
• Willis Road does not form part of the scheme, and needs to be developed separately, however the recent Active Travel measures (Stanley Green Road LTN and the Birds Hill Road LTN) which have been modelled show a significant drop in vehicles in Willis Road once they are fully implemented.
• Ward Cllrs have been sent the proposals and there is general support for the scheme.

The latest information can be found on the webpage.

The “Stay up to date” page gives details around the engagement and this page will be updated in due course. The consultation platform is being finalised ahead of a wider public launch in the autumn and there will be opportunity for stakeholders to comment on the proposals then.
Other News.
The Parks Team will be shortly appointing consultants to undertake a green infrastructure strategy for BCP. The strategy will identify green corridors for active travel, recreation and wildlife gain. It aims to make the most of our Green Infrastructure to benefit public health, nature, the climate and the economy. There will be an opportunity for public engagement in due course. E-Bikes are being considered for some parks operations.

7. Introducing new Cycling/ Walking Officer– Beth Barker-Stock
BHAT were keen to meet Beth regularly from when she comes into post 01 December, to give updates on the user experience of all schemes. Beth has an Engineering background and lives locally leading by example on Active Travel the forum wishes her best luck in her new role

8. Local Cycling and walking Infrastructure Plan – Ewan Wilson
BHAT requested input to all upcoming work on LCWIP , suggesting at least monthly meetings, can Ewan Schedule this? Suggest dates and forum sub group to be invited to contribute.

EW introduced himself as Project Manager for the BCP LCWIP and also introduced James Purkiss from BCP’s consultants WSP who is Project Manager for the technical work that will inform the plan.

EW highlighted that engagement on the emerging plan will commence over the coming weeks and this meeting represents the first opportunity for the BH AT Forum to comment on the proposed approach and technical work that will be undertaken in order to inform the prioritisation of routes and schemes. The purpose of this stage in the engagement is not to discuss specific routes, nor is it to discuss TCF schemes.

JP provided a presentation on the technical workstreams that will be carried out. JP identified that the LCWIP has:

Three key outputs:
• Network plans that identify preferred routes / core zones for development
• Prioritised programme of infrastructure improvements
• A report that sets out the evidence and methodology

He outlined the work carried out so far then outlined the next steps as:

• Finalise a network of primary cycle routes across the authority and the improvements required to make these routes suitable for cycling;
• Identify and agree a network of secondary cycle routes and identify improvements required to make these routes suitable for cycling;
• Agree key walking routes
• Define low-traffic neighbourhood areas across the authority to support and enable increased cycling and walking in residential areas (plus a range of other desired outcomes); and
• Prepare a Delivery Plan prioritising investment.

Key technical tasks to be progressed next in the context of secondary routes are:
• Mesh density analysis – identify areas poorly-served by current and committed future cycle infrastructure
• Area porosity analysis – how well connected neighbourhoods are with safe main road crossings suitable for people cycling
• Highway accessibility classification – assess the broad suitability of each road link for cycling
• Use data and feedback to identify draft secondary cycle network
• Audit routes

There is further work to be done relating to LTNs including defining the outcomes, describing the toolkit of measures, community consultation will be required to design each potential low-traffic neighbourhood and ensure it works for residents, businesses and visitors.

This is subject to further consultation outcomes which may be delayed by the uncertain political situation; which was acknowledged by all.

EW and JP invited comments on the technical approach and next steps.

None were offered on the technical next steps however there was discussion on the impacts of recent media coverage on public perception of EATF schemes. The group acknowledged that work is ongoing and EW confirmed the Forum will be invited to comment when there are some outputs of the technical work to share.

9. Beryl Bikes for Christchurch –
Freya Curry updated the Forum on the plans for putting Beryl Bikes in Christchurch, this will be happening in the next week with 250 bikes being available.

10. AOB
Officers were asked about an Application for a new Canford Cliffs Pavillion on the Prom that would reduce the width of the Prom in that area making it less safe for pedestrians and cyclists.

11. Date of next Meeting
We are currently unaware of whether we’ll be able to meet at the Town Hall but if we can’t we will host another Zoom meeting. Provisional dates are: 1st or 8th December

12. Last Comments

Forum chairman has been asked to talk to Dorset Council this wednesday about Leigh Road Wimborne Scheme. members have reported seeing new scheme in Ferndown, which is TCF route S5, the forum are very keen to see how DC will collaboratively work with BCP on all such schemes

Several individuals have contacted us about LTNS for their area, we are working on how to best progress their interests.

The forum note with great sadness that UA will be replaced by a single party this week, how a Council effectively re-elects itself without any public votes on its Ward Cllrs or Members contravenes the idea of democracy, that is conversation for elsewhere related to COVID era  outcomes.


Jason Falconer

Orienteering coaching, cartography, teacher training, Head Coach at Wessex Orienteering Club. Cycling coaching level 2 BC, Track, Trail/ Tech MTB leader, Bikeability, Safer Urban Driving Instructor, E-bike Instructor.