More Changes to BH Roads in COVID

Time is moving fast in transport world, with some great developments to report here, and put into wider context. It might be worth reminding ourselves, that this is about week 15 of COVID era, since first lockdown in U.K. Announcements about the Funding for Emergency Measures for Active Travel that Councils have been awarded were made by BCP last friday, a smart move combining a lot of info into that one announcement, firstly because many people wont be looking into the details, and secondly because the DfT specified that the work has to be done by 21st July- thats in two weeks. Todays post makes a round up of the announcement details and provides context for all the other work going on at present.

Heres the full details, you probably noticed I was asked to contribute and gladly did so.

On 21st April I first wrote suggestions, after the first ask from Cllr Hadley, glad to see a couple of those are coming into the frame now. Im not fully aware of the designs for all these upcoming schemes- so apologies if there are errors on exact details.  Firstly a couple of the overcliff roads, boldly -the East over cliff, which runs parallel to the A35 Christchurch road which is the arterial road. Earmarked for a Bus filter, closure to through vehicles, access for walking and cycling. Seems good as most of the hotel residents come off the A35 to reach their destinations, then join the majority walking along the cliff towards either Boscombe or Town centre. Also Boscombe overcliff and Southbourne Overcliff drives, not sure if this is to be filtered to motor traffic, as its a wide road, to be confirmed. Also something else in Boscombe area Victoria park in Springbourne. Incidentally theres a Boscombe consultation here that Ive been asked to share, if you are in BH5 Please contribute.

Next mention is Glenfurness Avenue, youll know this as a typical wide Bournemouth avenue, followers of the forum will have heard me asking for these type of roads to all be protected and given double yellows for some time- as one of the easiest methods available to protect significant distances of existing advisory cycleways. Glenfurness is a key route for students and other travelling between the University and Town Centre area. Its also to be found on the LCWIP and TCF routes, TCF C2 Bournemouth to Ferndown upcoming route seen below. Theres a narrow bridge in the centre of it, which is a challenge for Engineers, but protecting this with Wand Orcas will benefit a significant number of users. Also a very smart move combining upcoming work with this very short term directive. Included within this is also a Modal Filter at Leven Avenue, which erases those corner cutting vehicle movements and keeps traffic on the arterial roads. Scroll down to see Cllr Hadleys presentation of all these schemes in the weekly National Forum hosted by Brian Deegan, (38 Mins) if you didnt see this yet, its a collaborative sharing forum led by the leaders in the U.K, tommorrow featuring the Cyclops junction treatments now opening in Manchester.

If you have been following this story- a new Mapping software appeared recently called the Rapid Cycleway Prioritisation Tool, drawn up by Dr Robin Lovelace & Dr Joey Talbot, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds- thankyou for this.

If you click the link above, its a fantastic method of seeing what are the top BH Area ranked cycleways, using the Propensity for Cycling tool. Also it shows a cohesive network of routes, with possible spare lanes that could be claimed from road space. Altogether a great addition to the available mapping, do have a good look. Youll see that much of the route mileage is whats being written into TCF schemes, which is great to see. Theres just the omission of Sandbanks, Whitecliff and Baiter, now I know Im biased because its where I live- but these routes are left off much analysis due to the fact they arent all roads.- If you also live here youll know they are very very well trafficked by two wheels, Im trying to obtain data for the cycle counters that exist on Whitecliff and Baiter Park. Theres a method I can see perfectly meeting the needs of ALL users that I will be publishing soon.

Moving on to Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, (LTN’s) three are mentioned in fridays announcement. There are already several of these type of road alterations in Poole. Its great to see them effectively fast tracked by Emergency Measures work. The Oakdale area one was mentioned several weeks ago, to be included are Whitecliff (Poole Park) and Birds Hill, both very close to where I live those two. Again this is smart planning as they can support the LCWIP submission due at the end of the year. Also Evening Hill, one section of an advisory cycleway that goes around the entire Sandbanks Peninsula that has missing link, on the most vulnerable section of uphill, this inclusion would be superb. (Im still holding my breath) Whilst these things are mentioned, it has to be said that your support is essential to any of these schemes success’, Keep sharing the consultations as widely as possible. Last week I wrote why, I hear there are already fb groups being set up to oppose the changes. Whilst we are fantastically supported by the leadership of BCP, there are Cllrs that can take just a few comments and use them to oppose changes as we have seen in other areas of U.K.

Christchurch gets a mention as well, although its unclear to me what is being suggested for the area. If youve read this far down full Christchurch info appears in the youtube link below.

As are the last two schemes to mention today, Castle Lane west, use of the service road. Another large component of quiet ways or parallel routes that hold old service roads, they make ready made infrastructure that takes people making shorter trips off main arterial roads. We welcome these sort of interventions. Wimborne road Poole is also added to current work, this is at the New Inn, appears on the Oakdale  map above, this is one of those schemes that was already being worked on and now can be included. Part of C5 North Poole to Poole town its an almost perfect North -South route on the old Darbys Lane, Ive written about this previously a superb bit of off road track, with history. Now all that remains to be said in true campaigner form is that C5 north from the end of the Red Bricks leads straight to Broadstone Cemetary, to join Gravel Hill or Castleman Trailway to Wimborne, a route I ride constantly, always more to do -but I think that this little lot outlined with a 2 week until DFT deadline for implementation makes a serious challenge to all staff. Good luck from all at BHAT!   Please add comments here, I can share with BCP Officers, Twitter and FB


Jason Falconer

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