Summer Meeting/ Road changes for COVID in BCP area


Todays post centres on the Transportation Portfolio Holders Presentation to the Forum Zoom meeting 02/06/2020. Details, COVID measures, Future work, Modal Filters and Low Traffic Neighbourhood suggestions. How the LCWIP plan Feeds into TCF funding. Immediate consultation tool- for all readers to contribute to.

This sections outlines all BCP Council Funding

The specifics on Emergency Active Travel Fund.

Street Examples from other places, Planters and Light Segregation (Wands) are on order.

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, include Modal Filters, this Oakdale area is the first whole area suggestion, details here. The symbols mean, red- Modal Filter restricting through motor traffic, Green- Existing through route for Cycles and Pedestrians, Yellow- Possible perhaps difficult to ensure. Bus – for new Bus , Cycle and Pedestrian only.

Cycling/ walking Officers current Modal Filter proposals, to be attributed to future work

Social Media response to roads in COVID Era

The most important section- What can you contribute?  There is a procurement process going on internally now, this may take time. The platform below is live and taking contributions now, Please add your  suggestions, there are 3 suggestions- Cycleway, Footway, Road closure (Modal Filter). You can also upvote something else, Please add your reasons and comments and we will share this with all BCP officers. Our aim is to have BCP comms directing enquiries to this website, to build up an actual picture of resident users suggestions.


Below, We have reported this widely in other posts, how it was drawn up and our involvement in it from BHAT, you may know this already.  Here is the basis for the next 3 years, (2 months into planning) and how the Cycling Officers Local Cycling Walking Infrastructure Plan backs the TCF work. The way that these plans will succeed is to begin multiple levels of local resident engagement, including your contributions. Please start adding to the Widen My Path  today, in the Forum aim is to contribute in discussion with engineers and designers, and bring schemes in advance to Public knowledge. Evidence from all over the U.K shows that Councils avoiding this advance engagement suffer badly, and schemes become watered down from great intentions.



Jason Falconer

Orienteering coaching, cartography, teacher training, Head Coach at Wessex Orienteering Club. Cycling coaching level 2 BC, Track, Trail/ Tech MTB leader, Bikeability, Safer Urban Driving Instructor, E-bike Instructor.