Minutes of meeting – 2nd June 2020

Minutes of Meeting Held 02 June 2020

  • Held live on Zoom
  • Commencing at 18.00hrs


Jason Falconer – Host
Marc Lohez
Cllr Andy Hadley
Cllr Felicity Rice
Cllr Cheryl Johnson
Lawrence Harrell
Sophie Leon
Pete Wake WSP
Tom Quay (passenger)
Dave Fevier
Andy Eydmann

Ray O-luby
Mike Chalkley
Angela Fendley
Adrian Dawson
Paul Turner
Marc Sanders
Sarah Speakman Jones
Angela Pooley
Tom Kelly (NHS)
Christine Ratcliffe
Catherine Boulton (Public Health)

Introductions & Apologies

As Chair, Jason Falconer welcomed everyone to the Zoom meeting, Giving a 10 week update on events since LOCKDOWN and COVID changes.

Apologies: Cllr Slade, Peter Wickett

Minutes of Previous Meeting

These were accepted as a true and accurate record.

Matters Arising Not Covered on the Agenda

  • J.F mentioned actions minuted last time- Including P.W to connect BHAT to engineers regarding Wallisdown west upcoming scheme, and the Holes Bay Roundabout scheme upcoming- J.F was actually contacted by D.P (David Parkes of WSP) independently, and subsequently attended a ZOOM meeting with Engineers, +A.H on said 2 schemes. These are in first stage development.
  • P.W / L.H to inform BHAT about upcoming road safety events that Forum could attend to promote forum work, all events for 2020 are CANCELLED, no action needed.
  • P.W to confirm with engineers Modal Filters trials would be part of all new schemes, – to request again

BCP Officer’s Report

4. Report from Cllr Andy Hadley

Cllr Hadley gave a detailed and informative report on the BCP’s plans for pop-up cycle/pedestrian routes as a response to the Covid19 Crisis.  This is a Government sponsored & funded scheme. Here’s the links to the Report and an interactive page for suggestions:



J.F Re-iterated that E.T.R.O.S are essential for upcoming works, meaning that they as experimental can become adopted as permanent. T.R.Os would need re-advertising.

A.H confirmed that BCP were in process of procuring a consultation platform for residents on TCF schemes

Funds have to be spent in 8 weeks from when received, applications made formally by BCP on 05 June.

GVT statutory guidance on these emergency funds for active travel holds authorities to produce evidence for the use.

Cycling Officer’s report

Cycling & Walking Officers Report

Peter Wickett sends his apologies.

Current Schemes.

  • Wallisdown Road Phase 1 Bournemouth University Talbot Campus to Wallisdown Crossroads is almost complete.
  • Ferndown-Wallisdown-Poole corridor. A preliminary design is under consideration. Works will hopefully start late 2020 or early 2021.
  • Beechy Road Zebra crossing – complete.
  • Portchester Road. Cycle exemption to no entry restriction largely complete.
  • Boundary Roundabout – an online exhibition of the proposals will take place in the near future and the forum will be notified as soon as a date has been fixed.
  • Townside Access – work has commenced at the Twin Sails junction.
  • Progress is being made on a number of zebra crossings. Two in Poole Lane are being advertised and corssings are due to be installed in West Hill and Broadway Lane later this summer.
  • Holes Bay – some design work is underway. A survey of pedestrian and cycle traffic is to take place imminently.
  • Various measures, e.g. widened footways are now being delivered.
  • Officers are currently working their way through over 600 suggestions to identify those with the greatest potential. A number of factors are being used in the assessment including the potential to increase cycling, as well as accident history and access to educational establishments.

Officer resources have been allocated to each corridor. Work is at a very early stage.



Work is continuing. WSP have been commissioned to assist in the completion of the LCWIP by the corporate deadline of December 2020.

Beryl Bikes Christchurch

The tender to provide a Bike Share service in the Christchurch follows the success of the existing scheme covering Poole and Bournemouth, where demand has far exceeded expectations.

The Bournemouth and Poole area has proven to be excellent Bike Share operating territory. Over 22 000 people have used the scheme so far, travelling over 500 000 km since launch last June. This level of demand enables the bikes to be provided by the operator at no cost to the Council.

For Christchurch, however we will be using Local Transport Plan (LTP) Funding to purchase the bikes, which the chosen operator will then maintain at no ongoing cost to the Council. This reflects the fact that town’s population is smaller (48,500) with more widely spread residential areas.

The provision of Bike Share in Christchurch is also part of our match funding commitment for the successful £79m Transforming Cities Fund Bid, complimenting the segregated cycleway network which will be developed across the conurbation in the next three years.

Other News

Peter Wickett our Senior Walking and Cycling Officer is leaving the council soon in July, as his wife’s job as a church minister requires a move to Harpenden in Hertfordshire. On behalf of BCP Council I would like to thank him for his outstanding contribution to cycling and walking during his time here.

Mayor for Cycling

6. Mayor for Cycling

Tom Quay suggested that it may be worth considering appointing a ‘Mayor for Cycling’  following Amsterdam’s model.  It was agreed that the Forum should consider this further a come up with some ideas for nomination.


Beryl update

The next phase of scheme has been invited for tender by BCP, Beryl have applied to cover X Church area. Forum welcomes expansion. It was noted that in the last 10 months it has been proved that dockless method works in BH area, with 25% of users happy to leave bikes outside houses for £2 extra charge, meaning 75% of all bikes are returned to bays, with very little attrition.

J.F informed of how one Boscombe G.P asked for a new Beryl bay, and was given a ‘pop up’     bay for use by visitors and his colleagues. Subsequent Adam Practice Hamworthy featured in


post also applied and were granted new ‘pop up’ bay.

J.F informed of J.G work on The green TLC, Active Dorset making links to provide bike servicing from his service.

J.F made the call again for all to submit their preferences on the WIDENMYPATH site and requested that BHAT meet with BCP comms dept.  J.F urged again , that consultations are made ASAP, giving the example of Gloucester, that made a pop up cycleway, then removed again after objections from public.

Future meeting dates

We are currently unaware of whether we’ll be able to meet at the Town Hall but if we can’t we will host another Zoom meeting.  Provisional dates are: 1st or 8th September 2020