Boundary Roundabout

Heres the public version of Boundary Roundabout,  just announced on 04 June

BHAT had been to 2 previous meeting on this scheme, with several members in attendance. Last one June 2019. Work was supposed to be begun March 2020 but delayed due to  COVID19.

This adds to existing tracks in the immediate area, adding value to Students and visitors to the university mainly. Whilst it is shared tracks, it does take significant space from the road and add to pedestrian and cyclist space, the fact of adding x3 pedestrian crossings a major change to the entire roundabout.  Concerns from BHAT were again about connectivity to other work, gap between this and University Roundabout.  The section at Beginning of Talbot avenue has several exits from flats, forum suggested proper designation of Bike,  Pedestrian route with centre line, and more so ground painting to alert vehicles to priority. Example below. Visibility also an issue and downhill being faster for bikes, BCP have ability to remove trees here to improve sightlines from residences leaving/ entering property. Movement of main crossing over Talbot Ave, request to keep the only movement activated set of lights in the BH area, and add to other new crossings. Broadly a significant addition to provision, part of C2 upcoming cycleway in TCF. Seen from user perspective, we are recommending that the existing central paint lines help designate which side bikes and pedestrians should use, this reduces the conflict between users. This will serve local journeys well for the target user- Students and staff at BU and AUB. Remains to be seen how well this can connect other work further up and down C2. Further along Wallisdown road S4 initial designs have been seen by forum. To be included in upcoming consultation.



Jason Falconer

Orienteering coaching, cartography, teacher training, Head Coach at Wessex Orienteering Club. Cycling coaching level 2 BC, Track, Trail/ Tech MTB leader, Bikeability, Safer Urban Driving Instructor, E-bike Instructor.