University Of West England Road Crossing Survey

To do this, we are organising online focus groups (i.e. online discussion groups) in the last week of May. Each online focus group will involve 6-8 participants and last max 90 minutes. Participants will be able to share their experiences of crossing side roads in a friendly and informal setting, with the help of a researcher who will facilitate the discussion. Before the online focus group takes place, we will e-mail all participants a PDF document with images and descriptions of different side road crossing layouts, so that participants can use them as examples during the online discussion. To thank participants for their time, we will give them a shopping voucher.

Who can take part?

We are looking for a mix of ordinary people from ALL WALKS OF LIFE (preferably who ARE NOT transport professionals or specialists) and from different areas across the UK, who may fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • People with disabilities and/or mobility impairments or difficulties
  • Parents of small children
  • Cyclists, i.e. people who regularly cycle for transport
  • Pedestrians, i.e. people who regularly walk for transport
  • Other transport users (e.g. drivers)

What do you need to take part?

You don’t need any special qualifications or knowledge to take part. However, you need to have access to an electronic device (smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer) to view the PDF document before and during the focus group. To join the focus group, you can use an electronic device connected to the internet (we will use Skype for Business, which is the UWE-approved online platform). Alternatively, we can phone you on a landline or a mobile number. More details will be provided once participation is confirmed. Please note that there will not be any video sharing, only audio will be enabled.

When are the online focus groups taking place?

  • Tuesday 26th May, 14:30 – 16:00 (cyclists)
  • Wednesday 27th May, 10:30 – 12:00 (people with disabilities/impairments)
  • Thursday 28th May, 10:30 – 12:00 (parents of small children)
  • Thursday 28th May, 15:30 – 17:00 (pedestrians)
  • Friday 29th May, 14:30 – 16:00 (mixed categories)

How to take part

If you wish to take part in one of the focus groups, please send an email to providing the following details:

  • Your full name;
  • Age & gender;
  • Occupation;
  • Place of residence (village, town or city);
  • Which of the categories listed above you fall into;
  • Which focus group(s) you wish or are able to join. We will invite you to ONE focus group only.
  • How you prefer to join the focus group.

Thanks for getting involved.

Also if you want to ask the Sec State for Transport to allow Councils to start implementing ‘ implied’ Zebra crossings in your neighbourhoods- write something personal using this tool, and share.

Chris Boardman has been working on this for 3 years, do it for him at least.

Link here

Jason Falconer

Orienteering coaching, cartography, teacher training, Head Coach at Wessex Orienteering Club. Cycling coaching level 2 BC, Track, Trail/ Tech MTB leader, Bikeability, Safer Urban Driving Instructor, E-bike Instructor.