Minutes of meeting – 3rd March 2020

Minutes of Meeting Held on Tuesday 3rd March 2020

  • At Bournemouth Town Hall – Willow Room
  • Commencing at 18.00hrs


Jason Falconer – Chair
Angela Pooley – Secretary
Marc Lohez – Media

Lawrence Harrell – BCP Cycling Officer
Peter Wickett  – BCP Cycling Officer
Cllr Cheryl Johnson            
Cllr L.J Evans                      
Cllr Felicity Rice (Councillors)       

Lee Thomas                         
Martin Jolly                           
Freya Currie  (Beryl Bikes)
Pete Wake  (WSP)             
Sophie Leon (BCP)
Tom Quay                            
Bethan Hopkins (Passenger)
Dan Armstrong                    
Kyle Andries (Velo Domestique)


Richard Wintrip                    
Tom Kelly                             
Stuart Lane
Mike Chalkley
Andrew Eydmann               
Mark/ Lorette Sanders
Dave Smith                          
Sarah Speakman Jones    
Ray O Luby
John Holloway                     
Ellie Smitherman
Daniel Bateman
Marion Lohez
Robert Jamieson                 
Dave Fevyer

Introductions & Apologies

Cllr Vikki Slade
Cllr Andy Hadley
Cllr Lisa Lewis
David Breakwell
John Hayter


Minutes of Previous Meeting

These were accepted as a true and accurate record.

Matters Arising Not Covered on the Agenda

There were no matters arising.

Election of Officers


There was just one nomination for the role of Chair – Jason Falconer proposed by David Smith and seconded by Cllr Cheryl Johnson. The vote was unanimous in favour of Jason Falconer.


There was just one nomination for the role of Secretary – Angela Pooley proposed by David Smith and seconded by Jason Falconer. The vote was unanimous in favour of Angela Pooley.

Both agreed to continue in their roles

BCP Officer’s Report

Construction work

Dunyeats Road, Broadstone

  • The school entrance and three side roads on the cycle track side will be treated with a buff-coloured ‘imprint’ surface, to highlight the track to approaching drivers.
  • An extensive 20mph Zone is being developed for engagement over the summer.

Tatnam Road Poole

  • Summer engagement being developed for modal filter scheme, exact location to be decided.

Buoy Roundabout, Holes Bay: Toucan crossing

  • Still trying to secure single stage option for NCN 25 crossing of dual carriageway.
  • W requested Forum consultation on this- PW Action
  • Delivery planned for 2020/21.

Fleets Lane, Stanley Green

  • Removal of bollard and kerbing in carriageway; a short length of ‘light segregation’ will be used to protect the merge from Christopher Crescent. First such treatment in BCP area.

Townside Access

  • Construction work currently concentrated at The Quay end.
  • Twin Sails Junction should start in May, completing the West Quay Rd/West St circuit.
  • Wayfinding and public realm work to be completed by the end of the summer.

Strategy work and concept development

Cycling infrastructure planning and design

  • One-day training course last Friday with Brian Deegan, covering the following topics:
    • Policy, regulations and guidance
    • Network planning
    • Appraisal, monitoring and evaluation
    • Stakeholders and advocacy
    • Engineering design

LCWIP (Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan)

  • A draft plan was sent to DfT in December but no feedback has been received yet.
  • The Strategic Cycling Network and Key Walking Routes are currently being audited by WSP.
  • The formal engagement process with all stakeholders will be during 2020, so that it can be integrated into the TCF programme.

Transforming Cities Fund (tasks and timescales)

  • November 2019 – Bid submitted
  • January 2020 – DfT “Dragon’s Den”
  • March 2020 – Funding announcement
  • 2020/21 (Year 1) –Develop standards and design schemes – commenced
  • 2021/22 (Year 2) – Scheme delivery
  • 2022/23 (Year 3) – Scheme delivery


Post-meeting update: from Bournemouth colleagues

Wallisdown Road Phase 1

  • On site; due for completion end of April.
  • New shared path on southern side from Fern Barrow to Wallisdown crossroads

Wallisdown Road Phase 2

Cllr Hadley reported that 3 Designs were in discussion by Engineers, Forum Requests pre-consultation with BCP before Public announcements    


Boundary Roundabout

  • In procurement phase and aiming to start spring 2020
  • Roundabout geometry tightened, new paths around all arms, with new controlled crossing points. (Forum previous input to Scheme)

St Georges Road

  • Permission from TAG to advertise ‘No entry’ cycle bypass

Wick Lane (Christchurch)

  • Temporary crossing installed, prior to installation of permanent Zebra crossing

Porchester Road

  • ‘No entry’ cycle bypass; completed.

Southbourne Overcliff Drive (deck chair roundabout)

  • Uncontrolled crossing facilities on all arms (accessibility request); completed.

Chesildene Avenue

Uncontrolled crossing facilities (accessibility request); 

Beryl Bikes Update

The Beryl Bikes team are pleased with how the scheme is going and there are currently 400 bikes out.  The plan is to increase this to a 1000 by July and to expand into Christchurch.

The bikes have been fitted with more secure locks. New bike stands are being considered that would make the bikes more resilient to being blown over. The locations are checked regularly by staff travelling either by a van or e.moped. 

There are also plans to involve communities in monitoring bikes and possibly adopting Community Ambassador programmes.

It was suggested that, to encourage parents to use bikes, bays could be located near schools.  This will be considered.290 Bays in existence, several more to be installed in 3rd Phase of area provision.

It is intended to use social media more to spread the word.

During the planned closure of Wallisdown Road Beryl Bike will be making a special offer to encourage the use of the bikes. Adverts appeared on Social Media and backed by BCP website 05/03/2020

Survey Results

JF reported that an emailed questionnaire was sent to 130 people and there was about 45 responses, the majority of which gave preference to Protected cycle ways, with Stepped Cycle Tracks like Castle Lane West second and Light Segregation third. Full results shown at BH Active Travel Website.     

Presented to Transport manager R.P, also in attendance A.H, P.W, S.P 27/01/2020

It was also thought that Modal Filtering should be a standard part of Road Design schemes, JF enquired when will such treatments be considered part of schemes. PW intimated that from the very beginning trials should be part of new schemes. Action- PW to confirm with Engineers and report back

J.F mentioned S5 likely a year 1 TCF scheme should include modal filters, and high quality design protected cycleways over side roads, and provided example of full set- back junction design. Sea-View road to Old Wareham Road section of Ringwood Road 

Schemes in consultation and TCF update

The Forum will be asked to review Plans for improved cycling facilities from Wallisdown Roundabout to the Mountbatten Arms. (Phase 2 see above) Announcement to be expected 11 March- TBC

J.F again informed all attendees of TCF proposed routes, Website details of 3 types of bid, low, medium and high that are publicly available for viewing. 

F.R requested that  BCP Engineers are asking for possible areas that Modal Filtering be identified. 

F.R requested that  BCP Engineers are asking for possible areas that Light Segregation be welcomed

Details of this will be posted on the Forum Website. Action- ALL to email with suggested side roads in their areas that are suitable for modal filters, and possible areas that Light Segregation be welcomed.

The Forum agreed to formally recommend that the BCP greatly reduce On Street Parking along main thoroughfares.

A338/Wessex Fields Proposals

The results of the Consultation exercise are currently being considered.  The Forum will be kept informed once final decisions are made.

Ideas for the future of the Forum

A good discussion took place on this and the consensus was that the Forum should continue to actively work with the BCP positively but challenging them when it was felt necessary.

JF asked PW if future BCP events where road safety Dept had attendance would be suitable for Forum attendance.

Cycling Sundays & Future Events

It was thought that it would be good for the Forum to hold cycling events, for example Car Free Days and Social Rides. This will be discussed further at the next meeting. The Council are also looking at arranging some events.

Here’s the dates for a couple of cycling events planned:

Vintage Bike Ride from Wimborne – 27th June

Shake & Stir event from Southbourne – 28th June

J.F Head Marshal/ Route Planner on both these events

Marshals Needed please email for details.

J.F Action to email I.T regarding Sunday Road closures on Lansdowne area, Holdenhurst Road as preceeding action on re-designing Lansdowne.

More details will be shared shortly.


14.1 Cllr Felicity Rice asked if the Forum would formally support suggestion to introduce 20mph speed limits in certain areas.  This was discussed and the consensus was that the Forum would fully support this. Chairman endorsed action by BCP immediately

14.2 Angela Pooley reported that she has been asked by a Forum member unable to attend the meeting  to request the Cycling Officers look at completing the cycle path from Throop Bridge to Pig Shoot Lane.  This was originally part of a Sustrans funded scheme that was not completed due to objections from Hurn Parish Council.  The route is currently unfit as a Public Footpath and needs some serious work to make it fit for purpose.  Completing this would then make a safe off road route to Hurn.

14.3 Stuart Lane reported that there are plans to form a Cycling Group for staff at Poole Hospital. A meeting has been arranged to discuss this on 19th March.

14.4  Angela Pooley reported that East Dorset Friends of the Earth are planning a Local Transport Conference to bring together a number of local Organisations in order to look at ways of encouraging sustainable transport and travel in the Conurbation.  Forum members will be welcome.  The meeting is on 23rd April 10:00 – 13:00.


Date of Next Meeting -  Provisionally 2nd June 2020