Minutes of meeting – 18th Dec 2018

Minutes of Meeting Held 18th Dec 2020

  • At Bournemouth Town Hall – Willow Room
  • Commencing at 18.00hrs


Lawrence Harrell – Transport Officer BBC LH
Peter Wickett – Poole Borough Council PW
Mike Chalkley MK
Simon Ible SI
John Holloway JH
Ray O’Luby RO’L 

Sara Speakman-Jones SJ
Brian Callow BC
Cllr Andy Hadley – Poole Borough Council AH
John Hayter – DCN JH
David Breakwell BD
Matt Matthews MM
Jim McLay JM
Felicity Rice FR
Jason Falconer – Chair JF
Angela Pooley – Secretary AJP

Introductions & Apologies

Michael Headon; Cllr d’Orton-Gibson; Paul Turner; Dave Fev; Andy Graham; Tom Espley; Cllr Cheryl Johnson

Minutes of Previous Meeting

These were accepted as a true and accurate record.

Matters Arising Not Covered on the Agenda

There were no matters arising.

BCP Officer’s Report

4.1 Bournemouth

Design work on Beale Place is complete and construction work still start late Jan/early Feb. The work will take approximately 5 months and will be phased. Pedestrian and cycle access should be possible at all times.

Design work is continuing on Wallisdown Road and some preliminary proposals are shown on the attached plans.
Plans to improve facilities on Magna Road between the Poole boundary and Ringwood Road have been postponed to coordinate with work in Poole.

We are looking at improved links between Springbourne and the Curzon Road railway bridge.
We are looking at opportunities to make the traffic signals at the junction of Holdenhurst Road and Ashley Road more cycle friendly.
We are continuing to look at two gaps in the network along Castle Lane West One is near the junction with Mount Pleasant Drive and the other is by the shopping parade near Castlepoint.


New scheme added – Higher Blandford Road
• All approvals have been secured and we are now waiting for an implementation date. There

will be a 1.5 metre wide, uphill cycle lane beyond the traffic signals at Springdale Road, as far as Corfe Hills School.

New scheme added – Worgret Road to Darby’s Lane cycle track:
• Following an incident on this path, a faulty streetlight has been repaired and the concrete and

steel bollards in the middle of the track will be replaced with reflectorised ones at the edges. Please report streetlight faults on the website using this link: https://www.poole.gov.uk/streets-and-travel/report-a-street-issue/ so that they can be dealt with promptly.

Cycle Route Lighting

Lawrence Harrell was asked if he was aware of the lack of lighting on the Southbourne end of the Prom and in parts of Kings Park.
LH explained that faults had been found in the Prom lighting and work is being carried out to repair them.

LH also explained that there is insufficient cabling in Kings Park for there to be more lights. PW stated that lighting faults in Poole can be reported via the Poole Council’s Website.

De-restricting Bournemouth Pier uphill past the Russell Cotes.

LH explained that this area is currently being assessed and cycling is likely to be permitted in the near future.

A338/Wessex Fields Proposals – Update & Cycling Provision

Following the issue of an amended Planning Application for this Proposal it was unanimously
agreed that a formal response stating the Forums serious concerns about the lack of robust
facilities for cyclists in the Proposal. AJP agreed to do this within the next 24 Hours in order to AJP meet timelines.

A338/Wessex Fields Proposals

The results of the Consultation exercise are currently being considered.  The Forum will be kept informed once final decisions are made.

Airport Transport Forum Update

AJP reported that the new owners of the Airport & Business Park appear to be committed to promoting sustainable travel to the Airport. They are ensuring that new businesses provide appropriate facilities for cyclists. They have also expressed an interest in hosting an event for a Bike Doctor and charging points for electric vehicles. They are working closely with the Bournemouth Business Travel Manager.


9.1 LCWIP Progress

PW gave a detailed presentation on progress with LCWIP – See Attachment
JF welcomed this along with new funding for transport announced just the day before (17th December ) Informing officers that Forum members were happy to keep advising, recommending that potential schemes with modal filtering and progressive changes to road use be given trials.

9.2 Wallisdown Road Improvements

Following the meeting details of major plans to improve Wallisdown Road have been published on the Council website, here’s the very long link:https://www.bournemouth.gov.uk/travelandtransport/projectsconsultationslocaltransportpl ans/projectsconsultations/wallisdown-road/wallisdown-road-major-improvements.aspx

Future meeting dates

Tuesday, 5th March at the Town Hall in HMS Phoebe (AGM)
Tuesday, 4th June (Bike Week starts on 8th June)
Tuesday, 3rd September
Tuesday, 3rd Dec ember