Minutes of meeting – 4th Sept 2018

Minutes of Meeting Held 4th Sept 2018

  • At MHS Phoebe Room
  • Commencing at 18.00hrs


Lawrence Harrell – Transport Officer BBC LH
Nick Phillips – Poole Borough Council NP
Lisa Moro LM
Ray O’Luby RO’L
Cllr Andy Hadley – Poole Borough Council AH 

John Hayter – DCN JH
Felicity Rice FR
John Grantham JG
Jason Falconer – Chair JF
Angela Pooley – Secretary AJP

Introductions & Apologies

Peter Wickett; Michael Headon; Jenny Newman; Cllr Dave Smith; Cllr d’Orton-Gibson

Minutes of Previous Meeting

These were accepted as a true and accurate record.

Matters Arising Not Covered on the Agenda

3.1 Bike Share Update

Bournemouth Borough Council and Borough of Poole remain committed to securing a preferred partner to operate a high-quality bike share scheme in the conurbation. However, following the earlier tender exercise and detailed negotiation with a supplier, we were unable to secure a solution that meets our overall aspirations for the scheme.
Whilst a preferred operator was selected, they were subsequently unable to meet the agreed delivery date for the launch of the scheme in Summer 2018. Further delays left the Councils with no option but to retender the opportunity this autumn for a spring launch in 2019. We’ve therefore re-engaged with all suppliers and will be retendering the opportunity this Autumn.
The Bike Share industry is continually developing with new technologies and it is essential we secure the best solution for the area from the outset.

AH asked if destinations had been amended. NP replied that this has been completed

FR asked whether electric bikes had been considered and also if a local Community Bike Co. were to tender would they be considered. NP replied positively to both these questions

BCP Officer’s Report

4.1 Bournemouth
4.1.1Town Centre Schemes.

The Town Centre scheme is now largely complete with just a small amount of resurfacing to carry out.

Design work continues on Beale Place, with implementation likely in the new year. Cycle access is planned in all directions at all times. Cycle access past the loading bay by Beales will be made easier, with the gate replaced by bollards.

4.1.2 Other Cycling Schemes.

The Tuckton Roundabout scheme is largely complete. Some additional cycle parking has been installed nearby and the cycle symbols on the centre of the lanes over Tuckton Bridge should be installed shortly.
Plans to improve facilities on Magna Road between the Poole boundary have been postponed until next year to coordinate with work in Poole.

Contraflows have recently been completed on: Cardigan Road, Gladstone Rd, Gladstone Rd East, and by the toucan near the junction of Ringwood Rd and High Howe Lane. An exemption to the turning ban from Percy Rd into Michelgrove Rd has made it easier to access the East Overcliff. We are looking into the improving links between Springbourne and the Curzon Road railway bridge.

We are reviewing our cycle monitoring systems and looking to replace our life expired counters with improved models that will detect non-steel framed cycles.
We are working with the Highway Maintenance team to try and incorporate cycling improvements into maintenance schemes. We are looking at opportunities to make the traffic signals at the junction of Holdenhurst Road and Ashley Road more cycle friendly.

Preliminary design work is underway to look at two gaps in the cycle network along Castle Lane West.

4.1.3. New Cycle Parking.

We are designing up new cycle parking at:

  • • Boscombe near the entrance to Woodland Walk & at the junction with Gloucester Road.

  • • Holdenhurst Rd by Lowther Gardens and Victoria Place outside Tesco Express.

  • • Westbourne near Tesco Express at the junction of Poole Rd & Milburn Rd.

  • • Old Christchurch Road near the new Zebra crossing.

    4.1.4. Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy Bid (LCWIP).

    The LCWIP has now commenced and is being led by Poole.

    4.1.5. Signage.

    We are working with Poole on signing Bournemouth-Poole routes.
    We are still planning to design and cost up the Lansdowne to Wessex Fields quiet’ish route. We have been working with our Parks Team to look at other potential links.

4.2. Poole
Borough of Poole Report Capital Programme
  • Magna Road: Enhanced scheme currently being delivered this financial year.

  • Ringwood Road: Section between Old Wareham Road Roundabout and Sea View Road

    o Site visits have been undertaken with colleagues and designs are now being drafted following earlier consultation with Poole Cycling Liaison Advisory Group.

  • Alder Hills: Improvements to quieter alternative route
    o Currently in discussion with colleagues in Open Spaces who are working on

improvements to the Branksome Recreation Ground.

  • Bourne Valley Greenway: Surface improvement to path between school and Dalling Rd o We are awaiting confirmation of funding before we can progress this scheme.

  • Foxholes Road: Direction signing in Oakdale
    o Site visits have been completed with engineers and designs are now being prepared.

  • Poole to Bournemouth Cycle Route – NCN25: A joint signing project with Bournemouth
    o Designs are currently being prepared. They will include direction markings on the

    road surface as well as traditional upright signs that are sometimes difficult to see.

  • New scheme added – Lower Blandford Road
    o The existing cycle lanes are narrow and the speed limit is 40mph so they are both

    being reviewed.

  • Cycle Parking Provision
    o We would welcome requests for new cycle stands across the Borough. In addition to

    conventional LTP funding these could potentially be delivered using Community Infrastructure Levy funds but bids need to be received by 31st October 2018.

    LCWIP – Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan

    This joint Poole / Bournemouth project has been successful in securing technical support from the DfT. It is now proposed to include Christchurch within the scope in line with Local Government Reorganisation from 1stApril 2019.

    The first step is initial data collection and analysis, with subsequent engagement with stakeholders. This will help shape the plan to define the cycling and walking networks that need investment. A draft infrastructure plan should be published over the summer and then, if agreed, adopted by the new local authority.

    We will be asking for assistance from the Forum with the project and thank you in advance for this.

Bournemouth Hospital and Littledown Traffic Lights

LM gave a short presentation including pictures/video showing serious inadequacies at the RBH traffic lights causing potential danger to pedestrians using the lights. LH agreed to take the concerns to the Council’s Highways Safety Offer. LM to report back to RBH

Cycle Parking Audit and Cycle Parking Opportunities

Bournemouth have recently carried out an audit, with help from Poole, of the all the council controlled public cycle parking in Bournemouth. We currently have space for approximately 1,500 cycles on our stands, but the work has shown gaps in provision. In the next stage we will map the public cycle parking associated with private businesses, e.g. supermarkets.
One way of plugging some of the gaps might be through the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) which the council collects on certain developments including residential developments, student accommodation and retail. https://www.bournemouth.gov.uk/communityliving/Helpingthecommunity/community-infrastructure- levy-neighbourhood-portion.aspx
Fifteen percent of what is collected has to be spent in the area where development is taking place, in agreement with the local community. This is referred to as the “Neighbourhood Portion”. Residents who have an idea about how this funding should be spent can contact their local ward councillor. Councillors then gather these ideas and can submit the bids they support to the decision-making panel.
Public cycle parking is one form of infrastructure that could be promoted under this scheme.

A338/Wessex Fields Proposals – Update & Cycling Provision

The Planning Application for this has not yet gone to the Planning Board. Forum members expressed concern that the revised plans still did not meet the needs of cyclists & pedestrians and will increase congestion in the area.

Cliff Top Cycling

LH reported that he has discussed this with Council Officers and it is not deemed to be possible due to safety issues.

Key Cycle Routes //LCWIP – forum contributions

LH & NP asked members to forward details of preferred routes. Members will also be consulted over proposed routes.

Cycle Lane Line Painting by contracted crews

Poole have established that Street Scene are the contracted line painters, since last round s of re- painting have been done N.Phillips has assured that next paint jobs will be discussed with the cycling officer

Airport Transport Forum Update - AJP

The new owners of the Airport remain committed to ensuring the Business Park has adequate facilities for cyclists. The Airport Transport forum will continue.


There were no items raised in AOB

Next Meeting

Tuesday, 18th December